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Why Consistent Strength Training Should be Your Main Focus as a Runner

Denise Smith • April 23, 2024

A former intern of ours, Kelly Carpenter, and now a rockstar D1 college runner (and future physical therapist!) wrote a blog for us about regular...

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Understanding Achilles Tendonitis

Denise Smith • April 1, 2024

Achilles tendonitis can be a big pain and interrupt your training.  If this is something you experienced last year during your marathon training, then you...

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Knee Pain and Running Shoes

Denise Smith • December 15, 2023

Recently I was interviewed to give my thoughts and expertise on how running shoes affect knee pain.  I looked at these questions through the lens of...

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Prairie Ridge Cross Country Camp - Everything BUT Running Camp

Denise Smith • June 4, 2023

High school summer running programs have one goal: to prepare the runner for the cross-country season.  Most coaches focus solely on running - but Coach...

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Running...The Journey and The Destination

Jill Ernst • January 9, 2023

My name is Ryan Mains.  I’m a Dad, husband, medically retired firefighter/paramedic, Operation Iraqi Freedom vet, PTSD survivor, and recovering ultrarunner. I am most definitely not...

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Tips Going Into Marathon Taper

Megan Sloan • December 5, 2022

Allow your body the rest it DESERVES The best way to get to the start line as rested as possible is to be true to...

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Thoughts for 2022

Denise Smith • January 29, 2022

Greetings from Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy! As 2022 opens, we are grateful for the support from all of you. Last year was another...

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What do we look for with video analysis? Part 1

Denise Smith • October 23, 2021

Want to help your runner?  Try filming them during a race or meet.  A quick glance at 2 aspects can help highlight where they might...

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Supporting Your XC Runner . . . Role of Strength Training

Denise Smith • September 9, 2021

In our last blog, we discussed some of the top ways parents can help support their runner during XC season.  This blog is focused on...

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Supporting Your Cross Country Runner

Denise Smith • August 30, 2021

The official cross country season has begun! This is always my favorite part of fall sports because there is great anticipation about what lies ahead...

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Zephrys - Middle School Summer Running Club

Jill Ernst • March 29, 2021

Will your child be attending middle school in the fall? Smith Running Academy is partnering with the Zephyrs running club to bring you a summer...

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