Running Tips

Why I Run - By Our Summer Intern Michael

Denise Smith • July 16, 2018

By: Michael Hahndorf As the saying goes, “my sport is your sport’s punishment”, so why does anybody ever choose to actually run? Personally I have...

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Running Analysis - By Our Summer Intern Michael!

Denise Smith • July 9, 2018

By: Michael Hahndorf Throughout my running career, I have experienced my fair share of injuries and I always just thought of them as being bad...

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Running Injury Prevention

Denise Smith • March 14, 2018

Watch this Facebook Live video with Denise to learn her 3 tips for as you kick off this running season to prevent injuries and improve...

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Holey Shoes

Denise Smith • February 2, 2018

Holey Shoes! Does this picture look familiar to you? Do you ask yourself why this happens? I can tell you the top 3 reasons it...

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Preventing Knee Meniscus Surgery

Denise Smith • October 3, 2017

A 2013 study found physical therapy was a reasonable choice to avoid meniscus surgery to the knee. The study found that when a patient participated...

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As A Female Runner...

Denise Smith • July 7, 2017

There are many concerns that women should consider when running. Sure - we could focus on technique, speed, or race strategy buuuut... let's chat about...

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The Key To Trail Running

Denise Smith • May 22, 2017

It is imperative that trail runners learn to quickly pull their foot off the ground and focus their training on agility. Because of the challenge...

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Race Guide: March, April, May

Denise Smith • March 13, 2017

Warmer weather is right around the corner! (It has to be, right?) We’ve provided a list of some of the marathons and fun runs happening...

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Soreness? Or Injury?

Denise Smith • March 8, 2017

2-3 days. That seems to be the magical number when you know if something is an injury versus just soreness. At 2-3 days, any soreness...

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Headaches After Running?

Denise Smith • February 13, 2017

“Why do I get a headache after my run?” This is a question we get asked here a lot. Runners will complain of headaches, usually...

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Running the Boston Marathon

Denise Smith • February 6, 2017

Are you running the Boston Marathon?? This is the oldest marathon and can be a tricky one. There are 2 ways to register for this:...

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