Technique Training with Video Analysis

Our Running Technique Specialists analyze your form, identify biomechanical deficiencies, and develop customized training programs to get you running with strength and confidence.
Knowledge is power. Whether your sport is running or involves running, learning proper body mechanics and the technique of running greatly reduces your risk of injury. And surprisingly, most of us have never been taught proper running form, meaning we're never running as strong as we could be, and we're also at greater risk for injury. Run with strength and confidence mile-after-mile.
Individualized drills and exercises
Education on proper footwear and accessories
Training for the whole body: jumping and landing, pivoting, shuffling, acceleration and deceleration, shifting of body weight

Injury Rehabilitation for the Runner

Work with a running technique specialist to get back to running after your injury.
Don’t let an injury sideline you from your running goals. With education on running technique and proper exercises and drills, you can leave your injury behind you as you get back on the road or trail. You can be stronger, even after an injury. Get the education and practical knowledge you need to stay ahead of injury and stay on the road, trail or track!
Video analysis
Individualized drills and exercises
Coordination with your rehabilitation team (personal trainer, physical therapist, massage therapist)
Home exercise program

Virtual Training

Our running technique specialists give you advice via video conference. It's just like having us there!
Our Virtual Technique Training works on your schedule using nothing more than your phone or computer. By understanding the technique of running, with a focus on body mechanics, runners are able to eliminate the pain they have become accustomed to feeling during and after runs.

You will be communicating directly with your technique specialist through video conferencing, text messaging, and email. The goal of decreasing injuries and improving your performance are the keystones of this program.
Exercise prescription
Coordination with your local team (i.e. physical therapists, personal trainers, massage therapists)
Self-treatment options

Special Events

Be a part of the running community that has the same goals as you!
Whether you are looking for a race to challenge your body or a specialty workshop to refine and reinforce your skills, Smith Running Academy has classes, clubs, and events to push your body to greatness.
Run Club - Join one of our run clubs - whether it's for the middle schooler or adult runner
Races - Join us at any of our four signature events to challenge yourself and be part of the racing crowd of McHenry County
Youth Speciality Classes and Summer Running Camps - Join one of our speciality classes or summer running club to build the proper techniques and training strategies to be ready for your sport!
"I woke up every morning with a headache. I was miserable. The team at Smith+ gave me the exercises I needed to live pain-free!"


Do you need a prescription for the Running Academy?
No you do not*! Whether you are seeing one of our certified running technique specialists or one of our physical therapists, you can be seen without a prescription. (*A prescription is required for patients with Medicare)
What should I bring to an appointment?
Wear your favorite running shoes and running clothes. If you have orthotics or any other accessories that you love (tracking app, brace, compression sock, etc). Don’t forget to bring an open mind to learn!
Do you do programming?
Yes! For more information on our coaching options, please click here.
Where can I learn more about events and classes you are hosting?
Click here (insert calendar link) to see everything we have coming up!
I’ve been running for years but just recently developed pain without an injury. What is happening?
Over time, our body has different needs. It does not mean you have to stop running - it just means you need to learn some new tricks to manage. We can help with that! Our running technique specialists believe education is the key to longevity in running.
Is it too early to have my child learn running technique?
It is never too early or too late to learn running technique. Every sport has a set of skills that is taught, but unfortunately running skills are never taught early enough. We can do that to help your young runner improve their performance and learn lifelong technique skills to help prevent injuries.
My doctor said I have an overuse injury from running too much. Does that mean I have to rest?
Our running technique specialists do not believe in overuse - that would mean there is a set limit on miles that each body can run. We believe in the term MISUSE. This means that tissue become painful and irritated when they are not used correctly during running. That is why you may develop pain that limits your running even though you can’t remember any sort of trauma happening. With proper running technique training, misuse injuries can be addressed so you learn how to move your body the way it was designed and the pain will resolve!
You were made to move!