Golf Rehab

Our golf medicine specialists can help you get back to golf when you are recovering from an injury, rehabbing from surgery or if you have persistent pain.
Whether your symptoms are golf-related or not, our golf medicine specialists (who happen to be physical therapists!), can perform your treatment with addressing your goal of returning to golf. You may be coming to physical therapy because of limitations with daily activity, but you also deserve to get back to doing the things you love with the most specialized care by our golf medicine specialists.
Reducing pain
Improving movement patterns
Restoring range of motion and flexibility
Improving strength
Identifying faulty mechanics

TPI Movement Evaluation

The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) movement screen will help identify physical barriers likely contributing to performance limitations in your swing.
A TPI-trained golf specialist will take you through the TPI movement screen, which is a series of functional tests that have been performed by hundreds of the game's best golfers. This will allow you to learn physical restrictions in your body that may be contributing to swing deficits, performance limitations, and increased injury risk. Coupling this with a biomechanical swing analysis, you will observe and learn how some of your physical barriers might be showing up in your swing.
TPI Movement Screen with results review
Biomechanical Swing Evaluation with review (video analysis)
Individualized Home Exercise Program

Golf Injury Prevention

Work 1-on-1 with a Titleist Performance Institute trained golf specialist to improve the way your body moves to help decrease risk of injury and improve your golf performance.
There are many physical limitations that can lead to performance barriers in your golf game. When working with a golf specialist, they can determine what part of your body is hindering your performance the most. Emphasis will be on fitness and exercise, but you will also learn drills you can use with your golf clubs as well. This can help with golf-specific postures and movements, speed, and power.
Motor control

Group Exercises

Perfect for teams interested in enhancing their movement to avoid injuries and understand the biomechanics of the golf swing.
For some golfers, it can be more fun to workout and exercise with someone they know. For others, it can be a more competitive environment. Lastly, it can simply save a little cash. Regardless of your reason, group golf fitness sessions will utilize a circuit based approach to your workout to address all of the important aspects of the golf swing to help you and your golfing buddies reach a higher performance level and get you feeling better with your games.
Strength training
Power/speed exercises
Golf drills


Can I do golf rehab even though my injury was not from golf?
Absolutely. Whether your injury was from putting a heavy box on a shelf, or bending down to grab an item from the floor, pain/dysfunction can affect your ability to play golf. If you are a golfer that has any injury, golf rehab simply addresses how your current symptoms will impact your golf game and your treatment will include considerations for how to properly return to playing your best.
Can I still do golf rehab through insurance?
Yes. Because you are still working on the limitations you have with daily activities and not solely coming to improve your golf performance, we still perform traditional physical therapy and submit to your insurance company. Your PT program will just also include strength and mobility considerations for what you like to do with recreational/fitness activity also.
How fast will I see results with the Golf Fitness Program?
This answer differs for everyone. This depends on what your goals are, how often you come in, what your current physical conditioning includes, and if you are working in conjunction with a teaching professional. People can see improvements in as little as one session with proper posture or movement cueing. If you are looking at increasing distance and speed, understand that building strength and power does not happen in microwave time. You may not see any noticeable results for 4-6 weeks.
Do you do golf lessons at your facility?
Our golf medicine specialists are not teaching instructors, so we do not give golf lessons. Ideally, we would work alongside your swing instructor to maximize the gains in your golf game by focusing on things your teaching professional wants you to change in your swing.
Can golf fitness lower my scores?
Likely. However, because our focus is more on fitness and biomechanics, we do not typically address things like the short game, where half of the golf swings are made. We do expect to see improvement in the full swing shots by improving postural stability, strength, swing speed, and consistency with ball striking, therefore, potentially lowering your scores.
Can I come in and use your golf simulator on my own?
We do have opportunities to utilize our Full Swing Golf Simulator without supervision with cash payment. Whether you are looking to just practice on the driving range mode to see how your ball flight is looking, or if you are looking to play 9 or 18 holes on one of our dozens of world-class golf courses, our simulator is available for individual or group use. Simulators are a great way to look at ball flight data, understand your swing pattern with some basic analytics, and have a ton of fun!
You were made to move!