Learn to train, heal, develop, & recover.

Identify goals, assess functional capabilities/limitations, develop programs, teach biomechanics and guide training, reassess goals.

Soft Tissue Care

Reduce tension and improve athletic recovery time.
We offer soft tissue care to help improve mobility that may occur with endurance athletes. These services help you stay ahead of injury and keep your tired muscles ready for tomorrow’s workout.
Myofascial Release
Blood Flow Restriction
Stretching and movement recommendations
Flossing/VooDoo Bands
Recovery Boots

Dry Needling

Release of trigger points that won’t go away and cause you pain!
Dry Needling is a way to release tension in knotted areas of muscle that can cause referred pain, decreased mobility, and altered function. Dry Needling is a way the brain and muscles talk to each other to let the system return to a more normal movement pattern. The needles are placed specifically based on the myofascial restrictions as a means to release from a deeper level that affects Central Nervous system, Autonomic Nervous System, and Neuromuscular System responses.
Headaches and jaw pain
Joint problems, tendinitis, strains, and sprains
Scar tissue post surgical old and new
Spinal alignment issues stemming from Disk, vertebrae or SI Joint
Postural Tension
Decreased mobility
Adhesive Capsulitis
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Run Coaching + Training

Coaching you through every mile.
If you’re training for a race or need direction with your running, we offer personalized run coaching to help you reach your goals. Form and technique will be closely monitored while we chase your goals together!
Crystal Lake Half Marathon Training Group
Fall Marathon Training Group
1:1 Run Coaching
Running Technique Workshops

Youth Running Camps + Workshops

Building character and confidence in the young runner.
We believe that setting an early foundation for our young athletes is extremely important. Teaching them about technique and performance at a young age will give them the best chance at many healthy running years.
Zephyrs Middle School Summer Run Camp
Winter Middle School Run Camp
Kids Run This Town - Elementary School Runners
High School Speed Workshop
"I woke up every morning with a headache. I was miserable. The team at Smith+ gave me the exercises I needed to live pain-free!"


What does Astym do?
Astym stands for augmented soft tissue mobilization and it utilizes 3 different sized tools to help decrease soft tissue restrictions that may be inhibiting normal mobility.
What is dry needling?
The use of a filiform needle injected into your skin to ease trigger point muscular pain. The needle is fine, short, stainless steel called dry meaning no fluid is injected into the surface of the tissue. The focus is to restore mobility through release of muscle and connective tissue. Stimulating a trigger point with a needle helps draw normal blood supply back to flush out the area and release the tension. The injection into the skin triggers a nerve fiber to stimulate the brain to release endorphins and chemicals that in conjunction reset the autonomic nervous system.
What is the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?
The main difference between the two is the philosophy. The needles utilized in both are considered acupuncture needles. Traditionally acupuncture is utilized to treat the systemic system regarding various diseases. The thought is to reset and balance your chi and equilibrium. Whereas dry needling is used to treat the musculoskeletal system to combat muscle, tendon, connective tissue dysfunction, pain, strain, and inflammation caused by tightness and poor movement patterns.
What is blood flow restriction?
Muscle weakness can occur during various different injuries. High load resistance training is often prescribed to maintain fitness, prevent injury, and obtain muscle hypertrophy. However, in the presence of injury or comorbidity oftentimes resistance training can lead to increased pain or inability to tolerate the load. Blood flow restriction is the use of low intensity exercise with blood flow occlusion through use of a band/cuff that acts as a tourniquet which then can mimic outcomes similar to high intensity training without the load. This is great for return to play athletes, post-operative, chronic pain, or conditions that limit individuals from increasing their exercise.
What is cupping/Myofascial Decompression?
A combination of the use of traditional dry cupping and movement to achieve mobility in conjunction with fascial release and neuromuscular re-education following injury, or chronic dysfunction. The cup acts as a negative pressure to suction the skin as the patient performs movement in order to improve range of motion, circulation, soft tissue mobility, reduction in inflammation, and improved performance through exercise.
My middle schooler would love to participate in the summer or winter running programs, but we have a week-long vacation scheduled during the camp. Can my child still attend?
Of course! We understand that your family has other commitments and we make sure to keep them up to speed with everything they have missed!
My child has never run before but is interested in joining your running programs. Is this program right for beginner runners?
Yes! We have many new runners as well as seasoned runners. Together, we work together towards a common goal to build confidence in your athlete!
I signed myself up for a race but I can’t seem to find the time to train for it. How does run coaching help me with that?
A run coach's job is to be flexible in adjusting your workouts to help you achieve your goals while working with your schedule!
I don’t consider myself a “runner” but I’ve signed myself up for a race. Is run coaching right for me?
First of all, if you run you are a runner! And the answer is YES! Run coaching is designed to help anyone cross the finish line, regardless of pace.
You were made to move!