Dance Performance

Improving technique and refining movement to help you perform your best.
Meet one-on-one with a dance medicine Physical Therapist to discuss your dance fitness goals and receive a full dance technique assessment. Using this information, you and your therapist will create an individualized plan to meet your needs.
Dance Video Analysis
Personalized Home stretching and strengthening program
4 sessions with a dance medicine PT (60minutes)

Discovery Session

Complimentary 30 minute session.
Complimentary 30 minute session with a Dance Medicine Physical Therapist to discuss a recent injury or any reoccurring concerns while dancing. During this session, we will determine if formal physical therapy is right for you.
Screening of injured area and associated areas
Brief dance technique assessment
Recommendations for next steps
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Injury Rehabilitation

Get back to full strength with a Dance Medicine Specialist (who happens to be a physical therapist!)
Whether you are a gymnast, dancer, cheerleader, or other performing arts specialist, these sessions are one-on-one with a dance medicine PT for a full hour will provide rehabilitation for a recent or chronic injury. You will receive any necessary specialized treatments including manual therapy, personalized exercises and home exercise prescription. The therapist will work with you to make safe modifications in dance class and create a return to dance program.
Video analysis of movement
Manual Therapy such as Graston, Myofascial Decompression (cupping), soft tissue massage or joint mobilization
Individualized exercise program with focus on stretching, strengthening, core stability

Wellness and Recovery Session

Keep your body healthy and prevent injuries.
These sessions can be scheduled after you have completed formal physical therapy or to help reduce the risk of injuries
Hands on specialty care such as Gaston, Myofascial Decompression (cupping)
Home exercise recommendations
"I woke up every morning with a headache. I was miserable. The team at Smith+ gave me the exercises I needed to live pain-free!"


Why should I see a Dance Medicine PT?
Our specialist are dancers who happen to be physical therapists. It is always a more successful recovery when you are working with a Physical Therapist that understands your sport. Whether your were injured during a grand allegro or simply a battement your dance medicine therapist will understand the terminology and the movement of each step.
What if I don’t have an injury but always get corrections for the same thing?
Our dance performance training program would be a great way to break down what your technique looks like during a variety of dance skills. Using this knowledge we can find areas of weakness or tightness that could be addressed to improve technique and therefore eliminate corrections.
Do you work with other performing artists such as gymnasts and cheerleaders?
Absolutely! Our dance medicine therapist have taken extensive courses regarding all performance sports, including ice skating, gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. Your session will be specific to your sport whether it is competitive dancing, performance dancing, cheerleading or gymnastics.
Will I have to stop dancing if I am coming to physical therapy?
No, you will work with your physical therapist to determine what modifications need to be done for you to continue attending classes. For some this may mean only taking barre while others may be able to complete everything but jumping. Our goal is always to find a way to keep you in your dance environment.
How will a dance medicine PT session look different then a regular PT session?
The main focus of both is to improve mobility and strength, and to reduce pain. During your dance medicine sessions your PT will incorporate exercises specific to returning you to high level dance skills.
You were made to move!