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Running...The Journey and The Destination

Jill Ernst • January 9, 2023

My name is Ryan Mains.  I’m a Dad, husband, medically retired firefighter/paramedic, Operation Iraqi Freedom vet, PTSD survivor, and recovering ultrarunner. I am most definitely not...

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The “OTHER THINGS” That Physical Therapy Can Do

Dana Tress • September 21, 2023

The profession of physical therapy is a fascinating one because we, as a collective group of clinicians, are experts in how the human body moves. ...

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Oversplits: Why they can be dangerous and safe alternative exercises

Megan Long • September 19, 2023

  Oversplits: How they can be dangerous and safe alternative exercises   Dancers and gymnasts are always looking for ways to increase their flexibility and...

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What to expect before your appointment with Smith PT+ Aquatics

Kirsten Rowland • September 18, 2023

  Welcome to Smith Physical Therapy + Aquatic Rehab! We are so happy you have decided to make us a part of your recovery and...

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F A L L in Love with Trail Running

Megan Sloan • September 13, 2023

  It’s hard to deny that the air has a slight crispness to it now. The days are getting shorter. Leaves are starting to fall....

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Stopping Falls Before They Happen

Dana Tress • September 8, 2023

Falls are an extremely common occurrence in our older adult population.  They frequently result in catastrophic injuries and death.  One in four adults over the...

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I Have Crystals In My Ear?

Dana Tress • August 2, 2023

Yes, you have crystals in your ear!  They are not sparkly, shiny gems floating around in there.  Rather, they are called otoconia and are microscopic...

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(Mental) Balance and the Benefits

Jill Ernst • July 12, 2023

(Mental) Balance and the Benefits By our summer intern, Liam Spear Finding my Footing Before diving right into the bulk of this blog post on...

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How to Run on Vacation

Megan Sloan • July 11, 2023

  Summer is one of the best times of year to pack up and get away for a little RnR with family and friends. Beaches,...

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Exercising with Parkinson's Disease

Dana Tress • June 29, 2023

Individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) greatly benefit from regular exercise but often become discouraged because of the challenges they face as a result from...

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Prairie Ridge Cross Country Camp - Everything BUT Running Camp

Denise Smith • June 4, 2023

High school summer running programs have one goal: to prepare the runner for the cross-country season.  Most coaches focus solely on running - but Coach...

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