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Head Injuries, Physical Therapy Tips

Enjoying the Holidays With a Vestibular Disorder

Dana Tress • November 25, 2022

While the holiday season can be full of joyous times with family and friends, apprehension and anxiety can also accompany this time of year for...

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The Difference Between Misuse and Overuse

Abby Schenk • November 30, 2022

The term “overuse injury” is a term used chronically and ambiguously in the medical community.  Many times, providers will refer to specific injuries as an...

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I Have Your Back... Proper Bending and Lifting Techniques

Tracy Kroening • November 10, 2022

I often hear when I am working with clients on optimal body mechanics for bending and lifting that they were told to "lift with your...

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Perspective from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist on Return to Higher Level Activity Postpartum

Ashley Dougvillo • October 20, 2022

It seems like a heavily discussed topic as of late has been regarding social media and how it may be affecting children and their social,...

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The Difference Between Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy

Abby Schenk • October 11, 2022

The Difference Between Chiropractic and Physical Therapy   Many of my patients ask me what the difference between our services and chiropractic care is. Both...

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When Concussions Happen Close Together

Dana Tress • October 6, 2022

Concussions are an injury that happen to involve the brain.  But, unlike a musculoskeletal injury like a strain or a broken bone, concussions are difficult...

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Tips on staying healthy during Competition season

Megan Long • September 30, 2022

Tips on staying healthy during Competition season Part 1 of Blog Series Competition season is underway. This may involve a schedule such as staying late...

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A Reflection on My 25 Years

Dana Tress • September 1, 2022

It is astounding to believe that I have been privileged enough to work as a physical therapist for twenty-five years (and I’m not finished!).  I...

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Breastfeeding, Hormones, and Return to Activity

Ashley Dougvillo • August 21, 2022

Throughout pregnancy, and during the postpartum period, hormones will continue to fluctuate (actually, throughout a woman's lifetime hormones will fluctuate).  Today though we are going...

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At the "Core" : Strong abs, pelvic floor health and why it even matters

Lauren VanValkenburgh • August 19, 2022

When I hear the term “core” it triggers the image of a hunky guy, walking out of the ocean, with 6 pack abs and a...

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Thoughts on Guardian Caps for Concussion Prevention

Dana Tress • August 2, 2022

On July 30, 2022, Sports Illustrated author Mike McDaniel wrote an article about the NFL’s implementation of the use of Guardian Caps to be worn...

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