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You're Never Too Young to Work On Your Balance

Dana Tress • May 1, 2024

May is a fun month for us at the Balance + Concussion Center.  The week of May 19-25th is “Steps-2-Balance Week,” which is an event...

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Dizziness & Balance in Parkinson's Disease

Dana Tress • April 8, 2024

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive and degenerative disease of the neurological system and, specifically, of the brain.  There is a region inside the brain called...

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A Pool Noodle How-to

Kirsten Rowland • March 29, 2024

Here at Smith PT+ Aquatics we utilize a wide variety of devices and tools to assist in your rehabilitation journey. One of the most commonly...

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Quick Back Pain Tips

Denise Smith • March 15, 2024

Making Spring 2024 the season of no back pain is a great goal.  The most long-term strategy for addressing back pain is to consult your...

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"Finding Your Balance: A Runner's Guide to Injury Prevention"

Megan Long • March 12, 2024

Hey Runners!  In today's blog, we take a look into a crucial aspect often overlooked by many runners – balance. If I were to ask...

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Learn More About Your Core

April Flood • March 1, 2024

Learn More About Your Core  When you think “core”, many people think “6-pack abs” or “washboard abs”. The muscle you are thinking about is called...

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Too Many Shoulds...

Jennifer Myatt • February 23, 2024

"I should be able to walk and turn my head without getting dizzy." "I should be able to shop by myself." "I should be able...

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Why Do We Need Pain?

April Flood • February 22, 2024

Why Do We Need Pain? The word “pain” often has a negative connotation, yet it is normal and it is essential to life. Pain is...

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How to Break Down Your Long Run

Megan Sloan • February 15, 2024

  I can picture it now. It's Friday night and you're about to retire early for the evening and you can't seem to turn your...

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Preventing Ankle Sprains

April Flood • January 23, 2024

As one of the most common injuries in athletes, you or someone you know have probably experienced an ankle sprain and you likely have an...

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Winter Running Alternatives

Megan Sloan • January 23, 2024

  Imagine this: It's the middle of January. It's a whopping 4 degrees outside (with a real feel of -11). The wind sounds like something...

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