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Learn to run faster, run longer, and without pain with our Certified Running Technique Specialists.
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One-on-one sessions with your physical therapist to help you achieve your goals through personalized treatment sessions.
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Personalized treatment sessions with your women’s health therapist to help you regain
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Post-concussion and headache relief to get you feeling better, more confident, and ready to get back on the field.
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Our concierge-style services will get you back to full strength with an emphasis on education and proper form. When you take control of your recovery, you get stronger faster! 

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News, Tips & Upcoming Events

Dizziness and COVID-19

We know.  It has been an exhausting 15 months because of the pandemic and the spread of COVID-19.  As time goes on, we are learning...

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3 Stretches for hip Impingement in the Athlete

Hip impingement, also known as femoral acetabular impingement, can be present with or without a labral tear.  Most individuals who suffer from hip impingement complain...

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May 12

Yoga for Balance Workshop Series


Yoga For Balance is a workshop designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels led by Physical Therapist, Dana Tress, and Yoga Instructor, Dorothy Robin.

The goal of the workshop is to promote improved balance for healthy aging, no matter what age you are! Each class will challenge your balance levels in different ways and you will learn about the different systems and ways in which your body works to maintain balance. Each yoga pose will have modifications adaptable to individuals of all ages and ability levels.
We will be measuring your balance ability during the first and last class of each session. We hope to see improvements in all attendants! In addition, participants will have access to the recording of that week's class to practice and utilize for the remainder of the week.

Wednesdays at 10am

Session 1: May 12 - June 2 (4 weeks)

Session 2: June 9 - June 30 (4 weeks)
June 14

Recovery Workshop

Tips, Tricks and Gadgets to Keep Your Body in Motion!
Join the Running Depot and Smithy Physical Therapy + Running Academy for a recovery session!
Whether you're an athlete, or someone who is looking to maintain mobility, this clinic is for you. Proper recovery will ensure you can get back to your sport or activities more quickly and effectively and stay healthy and injury-free along the way.
Smith Physical Therapy will be leading stretches, demoing the Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massager, as well as other recovery/injury prevention tools.
Be sure to register to save your spot for this FREE event!
June 15

Feeding Your Brain - Nutrition Seminar

Nutrition for: Acute and Chronic Concussion Management, Chronic Migraine & Meniere’s Disease

There is a direct connection between your brain, inner ear, and digestive system! Making changes to your nutrition has been proven as an effective tool to help manage concussion, chronic migraine and Meniere’s Disease. Spend time learning about each condition from Dana Tress, a physical therapist who happens to specialize in vestibular & concussion management. Then learn from Rachel Costello, Registered Dietician, about the impact nutrition can have in helping you manage these conditions. You will gain insights that you can immediately put into place to help you manage your symptoms!