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Prairie Ridge Cross Country Camp - Everything BUT Running Camp

Denise Smith 
June 4, 2023

High school summer running programs have one goal: to prepare the runner for the cross-country season.  Most coaches focus solely on running - but Coach Kelly MacDonald from Prairie Ridge High School believes in preparing her athletes in a different way.  We are proud to partner with Coach MacDonald to bring the Everything but Running Camp beginning June 13, 2023.


Each component of the program is designed to help these great athletes run faster, run longer, and learn to prevent injuries.  Through strength training, video analysis, technique work, cross training, and education, our goal is to empower the runners to learn their bodies and become stronger – physically and mentally.  The more they know, the smarter they can be with their training.  This will lead to improved performance on race day and more importantly, for a lifelong love of running.


The program includes:

  • Strength Training – working with both personal trainers and physical therapists, strength training will focus on addressing key muscles that support body weight during running. Stronger athletes can handle the forces that are placed on their muscles as they endure speed and distance.  A home program will also be provided to be completed for an additional day of strengthening.
  • Aquatic Training – this 92-degree pool will be utilized to work on technique education, strengthening, cross training, and kinetic awareness. The buoyancy of water allows for unweighted movement to activate the core and build endurance.
  • Running Technique Training – video analysis offers a unique view of the biomechanics of running. Through watching, athletes can see their improvement and customized technique drills are utilized to reinforce proper movement patterns
  • Education – A certified dietician and a mental performance specialist will be utilized to teach strategies for fueling both the body and the brain. Shoe fitting and other equipment will also be discussed.


  • $130
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: 8:30-9:00am at Smith Running Academy (110 W. Woodstock St in Downtown Crystal Lake after practice)
  • Fridays: 7:30-8:30am at Smith Aquatic Rehab (269 Liberty Rd, Crystal Lake)



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Meet the Author
Denise Smith graduated from Marquette University in 2002 with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and has been a certified running technique specialist since 2014. She is a consultant for multiple local middle and high schools and instructs courses in Kinesiology at McHenry County College. Denise also travels the country as part of the Pose Method education team with a lecture series on injury prevention and treatment along with the running technique certification course.