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Frequently Asked Questions by the Triathlete

Abby Schenk 
May 8, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions by the Triathlete

We often get asked questions regarding injuries, running routines, mobility routines, technique and prevention for the triathlete and running athlete.  During this time, many people are sifting through the internet looking for the most reliable sources to help them answer their questions.  We felt we would help you by posting some of our frequently asked questions from the athletes themselves. 


What are some pre and post Run Routines?


What are some Basic Running Drills for Warm up?


What about cadence and how to incorporate foot drills during running?


I have plantar fasciitis, what is it and can I do about it?


What is a good joint mobility routine?


How do I maintain good mental performance during Injury?


What is some good soft tissue treatments for low back pain?


What can I do at home if I have chronic SI joint pain or instability?


What are some tips on hill training?


What are some exercises to assist in forward lean or falling during Run?


How to treat, understand, and prevent overstriding during hamstring injury?


What are some exercises to Address hip drop in Gait?


What are some balance for the trail runner?


What are some tips on picking running shoes?


Information on pelvic floor dysfunction and the runner?

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Abby graduated with her doctorate in Physical Therapy from the St. Francis University in 2013. Since graduation she has been spending her time advancing her manual and professional skills through additional certifications. Her vision is to be able to offer elite services to her patients through spending quality one on one time in order to education, specify individualized therapy sessions, and make a greater long-term impact by creating adaptable changes. Her mission is to refine the physical therapy experience by creating a path of recovery unique to each and above the standard of care. Abby ran cross-country, track, and was on the high school swim team. She went on to run cross-country and track in college and was All- American, and captain. She loves working with the fitness athlete, the collegiate athlete, and the active adult population because she understands personally what it feels like to be both on the injury and recovery side. Abby understands life happens and the body gets tired of our daily poor movement habits, however her intention is to prevent injuries from interfering with your health and fitness goals. Her mission is to empower her patients to be their very best self and move freely without pain or restraints. The outcome is accelerated healing by providing the highest level of skilled services for each patient’s needs. Combining a patient’s dedication, higher level sport-specific conditioning, and movement re-training, the result will be the best you. Some of Abby’s advanced training includes: Rock tape and Certified Rock Blades Technique Specialist, Blood Flow Restriction Certified, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Myofascial Decompression, Myofascial Release, Pose Certified Running Technique Specialist, amongst other advanced education.
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