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Why Do We Need Pain?

April Flood 
February 22, 2024

Why Do We Need Pain?

The word “pain” often has a negative connotation, yet it is normal and it is essential to life. Pain is the signal from our body to our brain to tell us something is wrong, and it prevents us from injuring ourselves. Think about a time you got too close to the stove or oven, or went to touch something that was really hot. Instinctually, your hand pulls away because the pain signal went to your brain and said, “get out of there!”. If you did not feel pain there, you could get seriously injured! 

This same concept comes into play with daily activities and sports. If you are experiencing pain, you should listen to what your body is trying to tell you before it becomes a more severe injury. The old saying, “no pain, no gain” is outdated. Pushing through pain will often lead to more pain and injury. 

Acute pain, meaning a new pain, that started without a specific mechanism of injury could be the result of muscle imbalances, or mechanics that are faulty and could result in a more serious injury if not addressed early enough. This is the best time to get ahead of your pain with some strengthening exercises, or seek a physical therapist who might be able to help pinpoint the issue before it becomes an injury.

If you experienced a traumatic injury or accident, you may want to see a doctor to clear you from any major injury. Tissues take time to heal, and pain while healing is another normal sensation. However, pain will likely be worse with activities or movements that may be too much for your injured tissue to handle, so again, this is an important time to listen to your body. 

Pain is a normal experience. Excessive pain is not. If you are currently experiencing pain which you have been ignoring or if you are not sure how to manage it, you should listen to what your body is trying to tell you and seek out assistance from a physical therapist or a doctor.

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