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Scheduling an appointment with Smith PT+ Aquatics

Kirsten Rowland 
September 18, 2023


Welcome to Smith Physical Therapy + Aquatic Rehab! We are so happy you have decided to make us a part of your recovery and wellness journey. As physical therapists, we have expert skills in the assessment and investigation of the body, the anatomy, and functional movement patterns related to your joints, bones, and muscles. Our skills are to figure out why your body may not be functioning the way you need it to from a biomechanical and kinetic standpoint, then we can work with you to retrain these systems. Aquatic physical therapy differs from other “land based” therapeutic settings; it involves the use of water as a medium for therapeutic exercises and rehabilitation. Benefits include, buoyancy, reduced impact exercise, with eventual progression to increased resistance, improving flexibility and range of motion, enhancement of circulation and healing, as well as reducing stress. Now let’s discuss a few things to get you ready for your first appointment with us at Smith PT+ Aquatic Center!

Before your initial evaluation can be scheduled, we will need to obtain some information from you. This will be done by one of our Patient Experience Coordinators, where you will discuss what brings you in to see us, and any other pertinent details you would like to share with us in relation to your care. This conversation, either in person or over the phone, may last ten to fifteen minutes. Our goal is to better understand what you have going on, hear you out, so we can better assist in your rehabilitation with Smith PT+. Once we have obtained the necessary information, which includes your physical therapy order and insurance card(s) as well, it’s time to get you scheduled.

There will be paperwork that needs to be filled out online or prior to your initial evaluation. If you will be filling out the paperwork in the office, please arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to your appointment so this may be completed prior to the evaluation. Also make sure to bring your physical therapy order, calendar to mark down your appointments, and insurance card(s) so we can make the necessary copies, and get you scheduled for future appointments following the initial evaluation. And of course, if any questions arise, please give us a call and we will assist you in the best possible way. Your rehab team at Smith PT+ Aquatics can’t wait to meet you at your first appointment, we’ll see you there!

Meet the Author
Kirsten Rowland graduated from McHenry County College with her Associates of Applied Science as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2020, joining Smith Physical Therapy in June of 2023. She began her career in an orthopedic setting, working with post-operative patients and athletes within the community. She enjoys working with the orthopedic population, but also has interest in rehabilitation of the overhead athlete, pelvic floor dysfunction, foot and ankle dysfunction, as well as aquatic rehabilitation at Smith Physical Therapy + Aquatics. Kirsten is passionate about helping patients not only feel better, but move better; returning to the things they love to do and be a part of. She loves a challenge, and is willing to work patiently with those who are dedicated to their rehabilitation as much as she is. Kirsten is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Illinois Physical Therapy Association.
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