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Reasons to Hire a Run Coach

Megan Sloan 
February 17, 2023

Signing up for a race can come with a long list of emotions. Most people are excited to take on a new goal and test themselves. At the same time, it’s common to feel anxious and overwhelmed, especially as the event gets nearer and nearer. Adding a big goal like a half marathon or marathon to your schedule is something that can take serious planning and thought. But… How do you know exactly what you should be doing? And when you should do it? How does mileage increasing work? And strength training… When are you supposed to fit that in?


A run coach’s job is designed to take the guesswork out of training. They can help athletes of all levels manage separate training loads and avoid common training mistakes that can cause major setbacks.


Let’s look at an example. A runner was supposed to run 5 miles and do a strength workout on the same day. They set their alarm early to get everything done before work, but unfortunately they overslept and didn’t complete anything before work. Now the only option is to workout over their lunch break, but they will only have time for 1 thing, not both. In an instance like this, would you know what to do? The answer won’t necessarily be the same for every runner. Ultimately, what the athlete will end up doing over their lunch hour will depend on a variety of factors that a coach can help them navigate on the fly. Training smart and understanding how and when to adjust workouts is a major part of a run coach's job. 


Let’s look at another example. You’ve signed up for a half marathon and want to set a personal best during this race. There’s one problem: you’re not good at pushing yourself without guidance.  Knowing exactly what to do and how hard you should push yourself on any given day is a mystery to you. Knowing that, a run coach can come up with a training plan that is 100% custom to your needs, turning your weaknesses into strengths. 


Another thing that can be hard to determine is a rest day. When should you take a rest day? Are impromptu rest days good or bad for you? Knowing when to listen to your body and push through fatigue is something that a coach can help you understand and guide you through. 


At the end of the day, a run coach can help you gain perspective, set goals, and motivate you to become the best runner you can be. 


Meet the Author
Megan has been apart of the Smith Physical Therapy & Running Academy family since March of 2021, taking the title of Director Special Programs, Run Coach, and Running Technique Specialist. Megan has been coaching runners since 2014 and enjoys working with runners of all ages.
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