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How to Run on Vacation

Megan Sloan 
July 11, 2023


Summer is one of the best times of year to pack up and get away for a little RnR with family and friends. Beaches, mountains, and road trips, oh my! While it can be great to get away from reality and enjoy some new scenery, runners can have a hard time being taken away from their routines! We tend to run the similar roads at the same time of day to maintain busy schedules and help us feel safe. We’re creatures of habit and change is definitely a good thing. So the next time you travel, here are some tips for how to adjust to a new environment.


    1. Do your research! Before you leave for your trip, do some research of the area you’ll be visiting. Are the streets sidewalk friendly? Is there a nearby hiking or running path? Is there a local running group that you can reach out to and possibly join for one morning? Does your hotel have a treadmill you could use?
    2. Scope out the area! Once you arrive, take a look around and see if your research holds water! Maybe there are sidewalks, but they aren’t in good condition. Check out the local running paths. If you were to run on these unknown roads or paths, would you feel safe? 
    3. Plan accordingly. Consider all parts of your day when traveling! Will you be on your feet all day? Do you have a long day planned? Certain days of your vacation might be a bit too busy, and trying to squeeze in a run could do more harm than good. Being on your feet more than you’re used to is already enough stress for the body and adding in a run can actually risk injury. If you have a lighter day planned and want to explore the new area, go for it!
    4. Adjust if needed. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable running outside in the new area, it’s best to stay inside on a treadmill if you have access to one, or skip your run altogether. Safety should be your first priority and you should never compromise that.
    5. Strength. If it ends up that running just won’t fit into your schedule, strength will NEVER go out of style. You can easily come up with a strength routine that is safe and effective anywhere you travel, no equipment needed! Body weight exercises are great for travel and super effective.


At the end of the day, taking a vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing! And if that means you need to take a step back from running for a few days, then so be it! If you need to maintain some sort of schedule while you enjoy your days away, here are a few tips and tricks. Now, go enjoy yourself. You’re on vacation!

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Megan has been apart of the Smith Physical Therapy & Running Academy family since March of 2021, taking the title of Director Special Programs, Run Coach, and Running Technique Specialist. Megan has been coaching runners since 2014 and enjoys working with runners of all ages.
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