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Tips & Techniques to Get You Back to Full Strength

Treating Text Neck

Dana Tress • July 19, 2024

Our increased use of electronic devices has led to the evolution of a new medical term called Text Neck.  What exactly is text neck, and...

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Pickleball Injuries

Lauren Goebel • July 15, 2024

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports, attracting players of all ages. With this surge in popularity, I'm seeing more injuries as a physical therapist....

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Tips Before Knee Surgery

Lauren Goebel • June 19, 2024

Preparing for a Smooth Recovery Getting ready for knee surgery can feel overwhelming, but proper preparation can make a big difference in your recovery. Here...

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Playground Fitness: Staying active while the kids play

Megan Long • June 17, 2024

Playground Fitness: Staying active while the kids play As Summer flies by most of us do not want to spend it inside the gym (or...

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Pelvic Health PT is for Males Too!

Maureen Gies Strasser • June 12, 2024

Two very common problems pelvic health therapists can help males with are pelvic pain and urinary incontinence. Chronic prostatitis, also known as Chronic Pelvic Pain...

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Does Motion Sickness Mean I Have a Vestibular Disorder? What Can I Do About It?

Dana Tress • June 1, 2024

Have you ever felt sick after riding in a car or being on a ride at an amusement park?  You might have become nauseous, had...

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That's What Happens When You Get Old

Jennifer Myatt • May 27, 2024

Some things I often hear when I'm asking my patients about their symptoms or about certain struggles they are experiencing with movement are, "But that's...

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Understanding Your Traps

Denise Smith • May 25, 2024

Do you feel like you have a knot in the back of your shoulder or pain in your neck?  It might be because of a...

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Gardening Modifications

April Flood • May 21, 2024

  Do you love gardening but have a hard time doing it comfortably? The great news is that there are many options to modify this...

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You're Never Too Young to Work On Your Balance

Dana Tress • May 1, 2024

May is a fun month for us at the Balance + Concussion Center.  The week of May 19-25th is “Steps-2-Balance Week,” which is an event...

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Why Consistent Strength Training Should be Your Main Focus as a Runner

Denise Smith • April 23, 2024

A former intern of ours, Kelly Carpenter, and now a rockstar D1 college runner (and future physical therapist!) wrote a blog for us about regular...

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