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Tips & Techniques to Get You Back to Full Strength

Let's Talk About The Potty

Ashley Dougvillo • January 12, 2021

Let’s talk potty habits.  Yes, I said it…..the potty and your habits (I have a 2 year old at home, can you tell?!)   Now lets...

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30-Day Reset, Participant Information Page

Jill Ernst • December 28, 2020

Welcome to the 30-Day Reset! We are excited to share this journey with you! Over the next 30 days, we'll have five Zoom meetings, go...

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Middle School Winter Running Club

Jill Ernst • December 23, 2020

Late September I literally sat straight up in bed at 3:00am with the idea to host a middle school running club.  The night before, McHenry...

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Jill Ernst • December 14, 2020

Nutrition | Fitness | Technique | Accountability Start 2021 with a RESET.  If you are continuing your workout journey, restarting it after a crazy 2020,...

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Dana Tress • November 17, 2020

We are seeing more people in the clinic complaining about increased jaw pain, which we refer to as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) or TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction). ...

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Understanding Snacks for Runners

Denise Smith • September 17, 2020

While we are running (ha! pun intended!) our middle school running club, we have been blessed by different experts that have come to share their...

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"Aw, Nuts"

Ashley Dougvillo • September 3, 2020

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that delicious bag of trail mix with the M&Ms, chocolate chunks and assortment of nuts...

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Middle School Fall Running Club Plus Meets

Denise Smith • August 31, 2020

  We are so heartbroken that cross country for the middle school runner has been cancelled for 2020.  We think cross country is one of...

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The Importance of Breathing

Ashley Dougvillo • August 25, 2020

I think it is clear that breathing is essential for life.  The benefits of a healthy breathing pattern are not always clear though.   I want...

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Diastasis recti....what even is this?

Ashley Dougvillo • August 11, 2020

We all dream of the 6 pack, the beautiful “pack of abs.”  Unfortunately it is not always just as straightforward as doing a bunch of...

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Hamstring Injuries Are Just The Worst!

Denise Smith • July 19, 2020

Hamstring injuries are JUST THE WORST!!  And that is because they are slow to heal and quick to come back if you don’t fix the...

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