Tips & Techniques to Get You Back to Full Strength

Smith Balance and Concussion Center

Dana Tress • April 1, 2020

What is Smith Balance + Concussion Center?? One of the goals of Smith Physical Therapy is to offer the highest quality, concierge physical therapy services...

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Is a Virtual Visit Right for You?

Denise Smith • March 31, 2020

I hate the coronavirus. I hate it for so many reasons: people are dying, businesses are closed, kids aren't in school, people are being laid...

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What is Women's Health Physical Therapy?

Ashley Dougvillo • March 30, 2020

Us women are special creatures. . . for many many reasons! But one of the most unique things about us is how our body is...

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What Does Performance Training Look Like at Smith?

Abby Schenk • March 27, 2020

Our clinicians are certified sports specific movement screening specialist.  Our focus is on return to higher level performance whether it is lifting, running, or throwing. ...

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What Is a Vestibular Evaluation?

Dana Tress • March 23, 2020

Any physical therapy evaluation will follow a similar format. We will get information from you about the problem for which you are seeking treatment along...

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Fuel Your Run: Part 1- Build a Strong Foundation

Denise Smith • March 12, 2020

Hear from our friend, Rachael Costello, registered dietitian and nutritionist, on how food can be used to fuel your run.  She will be doing a...

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Do you have back pain? Check out one of our tools to help out at home!

Abby Schenk • March 10, 2020

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a common dysfunction associated with low back pain.  Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is improper movement of the joints at the bottom of...

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Why Is The Room Spinning?

Dana Tress • February 24, 2020

Imagine having a good night’s sleep. Your eyes pop open in the morning and you sit up in bed. That’s when everything goes wrong. You...

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A Reflection from 2019

Abby Schenk • January 27, 2020

2019 has reached its year end.  We have some amazing things to boast and reflect upon in 2019.  Here are some highlights of this year:...

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What Is The Vestibular System, and What Does It Do?

Dana Tress • January 24, 2020

To put it simply, the vestibular system is part of your balance system, and is the “gravity detector”. It works in conjunction with your eyes...

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It's All About the Butt

Ashley Dougvillo • January 9, 2020

This big beautiful muscle seen below is the gluteus medius (or part of the “butt”). It is a powerhouse! ( Now the “glut med” as...

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