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Upcoming Classes & Events

May 19
8:00AM, 5:00PM

Dude Stretching + Mobility

You asked for it...Dude Stretching + Mobility is on!
We are excited to start this men's-only stretching and mobility series as a way for male athletes to recover tired muscles and mobilize hard-working joints.
👉 Fridays at 8AM and Wednesdays at 5PM
👉 $20 per class (drop in) 
👉 Max 10 participants per class
June 14

Recovery Workshop

Tips, Tricks and Gadgets to Keep Your Body in Motion!
Join the Running Depot and Smithy Physical Therapy + Running Academy for a recovery session!
Whether you're an athlete, or someone who is looking to maintain mobility, this clinic is for you. Proper recovery will ensure you can get back to your sport or activities more quickly and effectively and stay healthy and injury-free along the way.
Smith Physical Therapy will be leading stretches, demoing the Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massager, as well as other recovery/injury prevention tools.
Be sure to register to save your spot for this FREE event!
June 15

Feeding Your Brain - Nutrition Seminar

Nutrition for Acute and Chronic Concussion Management, Chronic Migraine & Meniere’s Disease

There is a direct connection between your brain, inner ear, and digestive system! Making changes to your nutrition has been proven as an effective tool to help manage concussion, chronic migraine and Meniere’s Disease. Spend time learning about each condition from Dana Tress, a physical therapist who happens to specialize in vestibular & concussion management. Then learn from Rachel Costello, Registered Dietician, about the impact nutrition can have in helping you manage these conditions. You will gain insights that you can immediately put into place to help you manage your symptoms!
June 21

St. Charles - Middle School Running Camp

Let's Educate Your Middle School Runner on Running!

This 1-week camp will run daily Monday, June 21st - Friday, June 26th from 3:00pm - 4:30pm


Smith Physical Therapy & Running Academy St. Charles

731 N 17th Street Unit #10 St. Charles, IL 60175

We will cover ever all the topics your athlete needs to be a successful runner!

Physical Therapist and Running Technique Specialist Abby Schenk and Running Coach Megan Sloan will be working with the runners teaching the proper form, technique, mobility, recovery methods and more!

Guest Speakers Include:

Core FSN focusing on Strength Training and Conditioning.

Fox Valley Nutrition Consulting focusing on nutrition and proper fueling for the growing athlete.

Dick Pond Athletics focusing on proper gear and shoe selection.

Daily sessions will meet outdoors, weather permitting. Registration fee includes a t-shirt.


Please send any questions to Megan Sloan at

Registration fee: $150 per athlete
June 25

Fall Prevention Seminar

Improve your balance to reduce your risk of falls!

Falls are the leading cause of traumatic head injuries and a leading cause for hospitalization in our older adult population. One primary reason for this is a decline in balance as we age. Find out everything you need to know about balance, how it works, and what you can do to improve your balance to reduce your risk for falling as you get older. Be ready to get up and move a bit in class as we test out some balance concepts and exercises together!
August 1

Crystal Lake Aquathon 2021


We are happy to bring back the Crystal Lake Aquathon for the 4th year! This annual event will be returning to the ideal confines of Three Oaks Recreational Center in Crystal Lake, IL. As the only aquathon in the state of Illinois, this race will offer 3 timed options. All proceeds from the race benefit Girls on the Run of Northwest Illinois!

Timed Races

- Sprint Distance (500m swim, 5k run)
- Olympic Distance (1 mile swim, 10k run)
- 2 Mile Swim

The swim portion takes place in a modified quarry (swim around 3 islands!), and the run is on a combination of trail, sand, and pavement.

We hope to be able to offer the kids race and adaptive race if permitted due to state restrictions.
September 5

Crystal Lake Half Marathon 2021

Enjoy the sites of Crystal Lake Illinois with the start at iconic Crystal Lake Main Beach, a loop around Lippold Park, a view of the Dole Mansion, a jaunt down the Prairie Path, and finish up in down town Crystal Lake. This point to point venue will bus runners to the START with an easy 5 minute bus ride.


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