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April 9

Dude Stretching + Mobility

You asked for it...Dude Stretching + Mobility is on!
We are excited to start this men's-only stretching and mobility series as a way for male athletes to recover tired muscles and mobilize hard-working joints.
πŸ‘‰ Fridays at 10AM
πŸ‘‰ April 9 - May 14 (6 weeks)
πŸ‘‰ $20 per class (drop in) or $100 for all 6 weeks
πŸ‘‰ Max 10 participants per class
To reserve your spot:
April 15
1:15 PM

Ask Me Anything...Performing Arts

Join Megan Long, a physical therapist who specializes in treating performing arts athletes - dancers, gymnasts and more! She'll be answering all questions regarding performing arts and PT, including:
-Dancing with an injury
-Strength and conditioning for PAs
-Joint mobility
-Recovery and maintenance
-Injury prevention for dancers
August 1

Crystal Lake Aquathon 2021


Complexities of the Shoulder

The shoulder is a complex area as there are multiple joints that all need to work together for optimal function.Β  Β However, when most people talk...

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Zephrys - Middle School Summer Running Club

Will your child be attending middle school in the fall? Smith Running Academy is partnering with the Zephyrs running club to bring you a summer...

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What People Tell Us About Concussion (Part 3)

We hear all kinds of things from our clients, coaches, trainers, the public and other healthcare practitioners when talking about concussions and concussion management.Β  Because...

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