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Upcoming Classes & Events

September 10

Dude Stretching + Mobility

You asked for it...Dude Stretching + Mobility is on!
This men's-only stretching and mobility series as a way for male athletes to recover tired muscles and mobilize hard-working joints. It's great for:
-runners who don't always take time to stretch after a long run
-golfers who feel a pull with their swing
-men who feel achy when they get out of bed in the morning
-any other guys who want to work on their joint mobility and muscular flexibility
πŸ‘‰ Fridays at 7:45-8:45AM
πŸ‘‰ $20 per class (drop in)Β 
πŸ‘‰ Max 10 participants per class
Reserve your mat online:
September 14

Invisible Illness Support Groups

Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. And no one knows that better than those with invisible illnesses. Concussions, PCS, Miniere's disease, reoccurring headaches, vestibular dysfunction, dizziness and vertigo - many of these illnesses persist for months and years. Join us for a bi-monthly Invisible Illness Support Group to meet with others who battle similar invisible illnesses. Each group meeting, we'll focus on a different aspect of invisible illness:

September 14:Β Mindfulness and Understanding Your Diagnosis

November 9:Β Strategies for Coping with the Upcoming Holidays

These sessions will be led by Dana Tress, Physical Therapist, Certified Concussion Specialist, and Ergonomic Specialist and Courtney Behrens, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
October 7

Balance Strong


Shawn Tegtmeier (Be Amazed Training) and Dana Tress (Smith Balance+Concussion Center) are collaborating to offer you a strength training class that focuses on all things balance! Staying fit and strong as you age is very important, but equally important is protecting your balance and being stable on your own two feet.

This 6-week fitness class series will meet weekly on Thursdays from 1-2pm at Smith Physical Therapy (110 W. Woodstock St, Crystal Lake) starting October 7. Each week's class will have a balance focus along with a strength training workout to keep participants challenged yet in control.

Thursdays 1:00-2:00pm

October 7-November 11 (6 weeks)
October 12

Recovery Clinic for Athletes

Tips, Tricks and Gadgets to Keep Your Body in Motion! We'll be giving instruction on how to use common injury prevention tools.

Join us for a recovery session at Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy! Whether you're an athlete, or someone who is looking to maintain mobility, this clinic is for you. Proper recovery will ensure you can get back to your sport or activities more quickly and effectively and stay healthy and injury-free along the way.

Smith Physical Therapy will be leading stretches, demoing the Trigger Point IMPACT Percussion Massager, as well as other recovery/injury prevention tools.


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