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What Does a Running Academy Session Look Like?

Abby Schenk 
January 6, 2022
What Does a Running Academy Session Look Like?

If you are a runner, you have probably at some point in your career experienced pain or injury. You may have even completed physical therapy to help treat those symptoms. As a runner who has also experienced injuries during training, I know it is often easy to ignore the pain, take a rest day, and go right back out there a day or two later. Until 2 months later when the pain is still there… As a running technique specialist who happens to be a Physical Therapist, I know there are some fundamental things we can do to treat, prevent, and train biomechanically to accelerate healing and avoid injuries.

As a Certified Running Technique Specialist, I am trained to analyze a client’s everyday functional movement, as well as movement components of the running gait. At the time of initial running consultation and after an orthopedic assessment it may be determined that your goals can be met through a formal bout of Running Academy Sessions. I thought I would break down and simplify the steps that a Running Academy Physical Therapist might go through with you.

· An orthopedic or movement screen is performed to see how you move statically, as well as testing your balance, strength, and assessing your flexibility and mobility.

· The clinician will discuss running goals, routines - current and suggested, review questions, and concerns.

· Patient will perform a series of running drills and mobility exercises to warm up the tissue and prepare the patient to undergo a video analysis.

· The patient will be filmed from 3 planes: lateral, front, back. Each session a pre and post-video will be take to assess change and progress.

· Together with the therapist, the client will review their current running form and will be educated visually and verbally on correct running form.

· The client will be instructed through running drills and exercises to assist in training the parts of the running gait found to be inefficient during the video analysis portion.

· The client will be provided handouts and videos to work on at home that mimic correct running form.

· It is recommended in most cases that the clients be seen a few times typically spaced out 1-2x a month for about 2-3 months for the most efficient transition to good running form.

· Throughout the sessions, individualized drills, exercises, and routines will be given tailored to help the client reach their potential and running goals.

· Other areas that will be addressed and reviewed will include running specific strength exercises, mobility, agility, soft tissue management, and balance.

If you are a runner looking to run farther, faster or run without pain this assessment could be for you. If you are a runner who suffers chronic, yearly injuries that either never fully go away or travel up the chain, this assessment may be for you. Or if you are just wondering whether you run with good form, this assessment could be for you. Are you transitioning from walking to a running program? This assessment is definitely for you! Are you training for your first marathon, or your 20th marathon and you just can’t seem to stay healthy throughout the entire training or you just can’t seem to make the qualifying time for Boston? This assessment is definitely for you!

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Meet the Author
Abby graduated with her doctorate in Physical Therapy from the St. Francis University in 2013. Since graduation she has been spending her time advancing her manual and professional skills through additional certifications. Her vision is to be able to offer elite services to her patients through spending quality one on one time in order to education, specify individualized therapy sessions, and make a greater long-term impact by creating adaptable changes. Her mission is to refine the physical therapy experience by creating a path of recovery unique to each and above the standard of care. Abby ran cross-country, track, and was on the high school swim team. She went on to run cross-country and track in college and was All- American, and captain. She loves working with the fitness athlete, the collegiate athlete, and the active adult population because she understands personally what it feels like to be both on the injury and recovery side. Abby understands life happens and the body gets tired of our daily poor movement habits, however her intention is to prevent injuries from interfering with your health and fitness goals. Her mission is to empower her patients to be their very best self and move freely without pain or restraints. The outcome is accelerated healing by providing the highest level of skilled services for each patient’s needs. Combining a patient’s dedication, higher level sport-specific conditioning, and movement re-training, the result will be the best you. Some of Abby’s advanced training includes: Rock tape and Certified Rock Blades Technique Specialist, Blood Flow Restriction Certified, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Myofascial Decompression, Myofascial Release, Pose Certified Running Technique Specialist, amongst other advanced education.