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Better Technique. Starting at Home.



Our Virtual Technique Training works on your schedule using nothing more than your phone and computer.


Our running technique specialists give you advice via video conference. It's like having us there!


If it's just too far to drive to get concierge service and advice, start virtual and get

What to Expect

By understanding the technique of running, with a focus on body mechanics, runners are able to eliminate the pain they have become accustomed to feeling during and after runs.

You will be communicating directly with your technique teacher through video conferencing, text messaging, and email.

The goal of decreasing injuries and improving your performance will remain the keystone of this program as it is with any program.
The process is simple!
Contact us to schedule your first video conference
Film yourself running (Download Instructions)
Email your videos to
Your teacher will send you a link through Zoom for your video conference

If you can take a selfie, you can be a better runner!

Download our Virtual Technique Training info sheet, then contact us to get started.
Download More Info

How it Works

  • One-on-one Zoom video session with your certified running technique specialist
  • Video analysis to discuss your running form
  • Explanations of your deficits that put you at an increased risk for injury or will hinder your performance
  • Prescribed drills customized to you
  • Video demonstrations and written instructions on all assigned technique drills
  • Free access to your video collection
  • Ability to communicate with your technique teacher as needed to answer questions or for quick updates between sessions
  • Easy scheduling with your teacher for additional sessions


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