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All the details on our services and payment options.

What makes Smith Physical Therapy different from traditional physical therapy providers?

As a concierge provider, Smith Physical Therapy has three key concepts that set us apart from traditional providers: attention, skill, and convenience. You get the attention you deserve with one-on-one appointments with your therapist, without the use of a rehabilitation aide. Our therapists have attained advanced certifications and training to ensure they have the skill required to customize a treatment program which will effectively address your concerns and lead you to achieve your goals. We know how valuable your time is—and how little of it you have—which is why we adopted a model of therapy that requires less of it, making it more convenient for you to get the treatment you require. When our experts treat you, you only need to do therapy once and do it right to get on the road to recovery.

Why don’t you accept most insurance plans?

Smith Physical Therapy was built on the foundation that our patients deserve the personal attention of their physical therapist. In traditional settings, physical therapy providers are reliant on insurance companies to remain profitable. However, insurance companies only reimburse providers about half the actual cost of treatment. Consequently, most physical therapy providers schedule multiple patients with the same therapist at the same time and then rely on rehabilitation aides to oversee patient care. By not being dependent on insurance companies, Smith Physical Therapy is able to provide our patients with a full hour of one-on-one time with their physical therapist and emphasize the hands-on portion of treatment. This focused approach is why most patients achieve their desired results in half the amount of visits that would be required at an insurance-based clinic, and why our patients feel the out-of-pocket expense is worth the time they save by attending fewer clinic sessions in order to return to their normal activities. We are now an in-network provider with most Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO plans.

Can I submit for reimbursement through my insurance?

In most cases, yes. Smith Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider with most insurance companies. If you have out-of-network benefits with your insurance company and would like to submit for reimbursement, you will be provided with a receipt at the end of each visit to assist you in doing so. Many of our patients either receive some level of reimbursement or have the cost of their treatment at Smith Physical Therapy applied to their deductible, but please contact your insurance provider for verification of your plan’s out-of-network benefits. You are also able to use your HSA account for reimbursement.

Can I use the Health Savings Account/Flex Spending Account I have through my insurance company?


Do I need a prescription?

No. Illinois is a direct-access state, which allows you to see a physical therapist without first seeing a physician or other healthcare provider. Due to our close relationship with area healthcare providers, we will always communicate on your progress. If there are any red flags or progress is not being made appropriately, we will recommend you follow up with your provider.

We also offer discovery sessions that allow you time with a physical therapist to discuss your concerns or injury to determine if physical therapy is an appropriate first step. This 30-minute discussion is complimentary.

How do I know which service is best for me?

If you are not sure if your concern requires physical therapy, technique training, or targeted strengthening and flexibility work, call to schedule a complimentary discovery session with one of our physical therapists.

What is included in a discovery session?

During the 30-minute discovery session, a licensed physical therapist will discuss your concerns, observe your movement patterns, review any symptoms you may be experiencing, and discuss your goals. Your therapist will then discuss the services available to you, explain the benefits of therapy and options for treatment, and coordinate care with your healthcare provider.

Do you offer group training sessions?

Yes. Smith Physical Therapy welcomes groups to train together to achieve their goals. Please contact our clinic to discuss training options and pricing.

What is the best way to contact my therapist?

Please do not hesitate to contact your therapist with any questions. They will return your correspondence within 24 hours.

If I want to do physical therapy but I would prefer to utilize my insurance, where should I go?

Although we would love the pleasure of working with you personally, please contact our clinic should you decide an insurance-based practice is right for you. Smith Physical Therapy firmly believes that not all therapists are the same and we want to help you find the one who has the education and training appropriate for your needs.

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