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What is Women's Health Physical Therapy?

Ashley Dougvillo 
March 30, 2020

Us women are special creatures. . . for many many reasons! But one of the most unique things about us is how our body is designed, especially our pelvis. It's designed to carry life but that is also one of the reasons so many of us just assume things like peeing in our pants is normal! So we wanted to highlight some common myths and explain some very common symptoms that may indicate that there is a problem with your pelvic floor area.

Common Myths:
- It’s completely normal to pee your pants after having a baby. 
- Most people start to leak as they get older, right?
- Don’t most women always have some level or urgency when they have to use the bathroom?
- Pelvic pain after having a baby is just part of the birthing process I heard. 
- Weakness just happens with age, right?
- I had a baby, isn’t it normal to feel unstable on my pelvic floor?
- Don’t most women pee a little when the exercise?

Common Symptoms:
- Pain with pregnancy
- Pain or weakness after delivery
- Urinary or bowel frequency or urgency
- Urinary or bowel incontinence
- Low back pain/tailbone pain
- Constipation
- Pelvic pain
- Painful intercourse
- Vaginal/vulvar/episiotomy pain
- Abdominal separation post baby
- Pelvic organ prolapse

Thankfully there is treatment for a these symptoms! We know it is sometimes embarrassing or difficulty to experience these things AND then talk about it. But as a mom myself, I understand that this is a difficult situation because we don't always have time to deal with this because we are taking care of everyone else in our house! When these issues start to affect things like your running, workouts, sex life, and the feeling of needing to wear a pad everyday - well it's time to talk to someone that understands. Call our clinic today at 815.893.9075 and we can schedule a discovery session virtually or in person to talk about your symptoms, concerns, and discuss if physical therapy is the right option for you!

Meet the Author
Ashley Dougvillo joined Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy in 2019. She graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI in 2008, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences. She then went on to attend Northwestern University in Chicago, IL to complete her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. She is a Certified Manual Therapist and has additionally obtained specialty certifications in the Pose Method of running, kinesiotaping, FMS/SFMA, ASTYM, and Women's Health.