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Tips on staying healthy during Competition season

Megan Long 
September 30, 2022

Tips on staying healthy during Competition season

Part 1 of Blog Series

Competition season is underway. This may involve a schedule such as staying late after school to practice high school dance team dances, then rushing to your studio for regular classes and staying longer for comp rehearsals. Does your schedule sound something like this? “Tis the season” as we lovingly like to say. If we don’t take care of our bodies during these hectic schedules we risk injury and fatigue. 

In this blog series, I will discuss a few things we should be doing to stay healthy and dancing. Today’s blog will be focused on what nutrition looks like for dancers.


Dancing burns between 300-500 calories per hour depending on a person's weight. This means it is so important for dancers to be aware of their nutrition during long rehearsal days. Our muscles and mind need food for energy and focus. But what we chose to give our body is key. It is easy to just grab a quick snack while driving from school to the studio. But what you chose is key! Instead of running through the coffee line for a sugary, empty calorie filled drink or a fast food line, plan ahead the night before and pack a healthy snack. This gives you a chance to make healthier choices. High sugar foods may give you a quick energy boost but it also give you a sugar crash, leaving you tired and unable to focus. Here is a list of a few healthy snack options to provide you all the necessary elements for success, carbs, protein and fiber. 



It is also important to remember to not come to class on an empty stomach. Food is the fuel our body needs. Just like a car can't run without fuel we can successfully keep moving and stay focused without food.

And let's not forget about water!! Hydration is so important! Why you ask? Water keeps your muscles and joints moving freely to prevent fatigue and cramping. Water also helps keep our body cool. For this reason, always come to class with a full water bottle, no smaller than 24oz and be prepared to fill it multiple times during long rehearsal days. 



Hopefully you or your dancers will find these tips useful for the busy months ahead in order to stay dancing and injury free.

Stay Tuned to the next blog in this series… Recovery Tips for competition season 


Meet the Author
Megan graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Illinois at Chicago. Since graduating Megan has been treating patient in the outpatient orthopedic environment. She specializes in treating performing artists such as dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts, and ice skaters. Megan has participated in several dance and gymnast specific courses and conferences over the years. Some of Megan's advanced training includes: Graston Technique, Rock-tape, Pose Certified Running Technique Specialist, Myofascial Decompression.