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Pelvic Health+the Holidays

Lauren VanValkenburgh 
December 12, 2022

The holiday season is upon us! Along with the wonderful joys of the season, that also means schedule changes, different food/drink, and the possibility of increased stress levels. 

For those experiencing  pelvic floor dysfunction or symptoms– it is important to note– these things all impact your pelvic health! 

Here are some holiday tips from a Pelvic Floor PT. 

  1. Get the poop! Healthy GI habits make for a happier pelvic floor. Holiday indulgences should be celebrated (and enjoyed!). But in the meantime, make sure that you are drinking enough water, getting in your fiber and using your squatty potty to stay regular through the season.  
  2. Alcohol, caffeine and carbonation can really irritate your bladder. So, while we would never ask you to completely give up the things you love, if you are having increased leakage, urgency or bladder symptoms, focus on spacing out these drinks. For example, put a glass of water in between glasses of wine or stop at one mug of peppermint mocha instead of two or three. 
  3. Increased stress can lead to increased butt gripping (are you squeezing that tush even though you don’t realize it??) or even jaw/ shoulder tension. As you navigate the events of the season, add in a body scan during your day. Take note of where you are holding physical stress in your body– and shake it off! After all, you can’t change what you don’t notice. 

You may find that all of these things may help you bring awareness to your pelvic health but also to what is most important to you this year. Love on those family and friends! 


Happy Holidays! And, as always: less effort, more efficiency, optimal pelvic health! <3

Meet the Author
Lauren Van Valkenburgh graduated with a bachelor's degree in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. She went on to get her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in 2022. She has always been passionate about the intersection of pelvic health and wellness and firmly believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the activities they love without pain or fear.