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A Reflection from 2019

Abby Schenk 
January 27, 2020
A Reflection from 2019

2019 has reached its year end.  We have some amazing things to boast and reflect upon in 2019.  Here are some highlights of this year:

  1. We added a women’s health specialist to our team July 2019, Ashley Dougvillo.
  2. We expanded and opened a second location with lead, Abby Schenk, in St. Charles Illinois, who will be developing the clinical care model represented in Crystal Lake.
  3. We expanded our wellness consulting services to our clients on all facets including mental health, physical health, and nutrition.  We have surrounded our selves with resources to help our clients succeed on all the above areas.  We have paired up with Run for Our Lives to support the struggles of PTSD and Illinois Fire Fighter peer support through hosting a virtual running race.

All these accomplishments and initiatives were done in line with our emphasis to help be leaders in the ever-changing physical therapy industry.  We strive to model and create facilities that are unparalleled to our competitors.  Our intention is to cater to our client’s specific needs and goals. For far too long, physical therapy has lost the personal touches that are holistic and specific, and we aim to change that in both our locations through one-on-one clinical practice with clinicians inspired to grow in practice.

When reflecting on the 3 highlights listed above, we in addition have grown personally and professionally as healthcare providers.

Follow through and meeting expectations matter more than we think

We are constantly working to improve our communication and education with our patients.  Jenee was hired in August as our Clinical Experience Specialist in which she strives to set expectations and meet the front staff needs and find solutions for scheduling, billing, and insurance for all of our clients.  It is our belief that building trust, creating a relationship that fosters honesty and open communication, will help us better service our clients and reach their goals faster.

The process of growth forces us to continue to reflect internally

As we continue to grow and expand outward, we also want to continue to look inward and reflect on past triumph and challenges.  We will always be a company that seeks to enrich the experience of all those who trust us with their care.  We want to continue to harvest the experiences and systems that work well, while continuing to be better and providing our patients with the upmost valued care.  Every single client and patient that walks through the door and their experience throughout their entire length of time with us matters.  As we grow, we never want to lose the ability to stay focused on the entire process with each individual.

We do not have all the answers all of the time

Science is tricky and is ever changing with research and studies.  As practitioners we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge base, enhance our clinical practice, and serve our clients with greater accuracy and honesty.  Smith takes great pride in our clinical expertise and our non-complacent attitudes in providing the most evidence-based intervention.  However, we do not know it all.  This is indeed why we have surrounded our practice with the best of the best to guide us when we need to seek the answer that are gray.  Each patient deserves to have answer and be directed in the best possible care that suits them where they are.  We have running coaches, psychologist, personal trainers, sports ortho medicine doctors, podiatrist, mental health coaches at our fingertips to be a resource when needed.

Here is a take specifically from Ashley and her thoughts on 2019 reflection:

Ashley joined Smith PT in July of 2019 and was excited to get some more 1:1 time treating patients, specifically runners. She also found she had a passion for treating women and completed her first Women’s Health Course (pelvic floor level 1) in August.  She is planning on completing the next level in April of this year.   She additionally has interest in completing cupping/dry needling in the future, as well as would like to dive more into the world of nutrition (which ties into her love of treating runners) as well as lactation (which ties in with the direction she is heading in the Women’s Health world).  She loves working at Smith and feels we have a great team, and she specifically loves the 1:1 hour long sessions she gets with patient’s now as she enjoys getting to know everyone not just on a physical level, but personally as well.

Here is Dana’s take away and reflection on 2019:

As far as reflecting on 2019, I think the most important thing to talk about is growth through the addition of St. Charles facility, bringing Ashley on board to the Crystal Lake family, along with hiring Jenee as our front office manager.  2019 is also the year that we decided we had officially outgrown our current Crystal Lake clinic and began searching for a new location to allow us to grow physically and professionally.  In doing so, this has created space for us to add new services and specialties such as cupping, dry needling, and women’s health.  The 2019 Aquathon was a huge success and proceeds supported Girls on the Run.  We stayed active in the community with races and events, teaching classes at Running Depot, McHenry County College, etc. Dana is looking forward to exciting things to come in concussion management in 2020.

If you’ve come this far with us then we thank you and hope you continue to think of us in 2020 with all your PT needs.  We are happy to celebrate 4 years in 2019.  We will continue to grow both professionally and personally to be able to provide the best experience within our power.

If you have traveled through the year with us and have found your experience in any way to be beneficial or satisfactory, we would love for you to spread the word! Our clients mean the world to us.

Abby Schenk
Meet the Author
Abby graduated with her doctorate in Physical Therapy from the St. Francis University in 2013. Since graduation she has been spending her time advancing her manual and professional skills through additional certifications. Her vision is to be able to offer elite services to her patients through spending quality one on one time in order to education, specify individualized therapy sessions, and make a greater long-term impact by creating adaptable changes. Her mission is to refine the physical therapy experience by creating a path of recovery unique to each and above the standard of care. Abby ran cross-country, track, and was on the high school swim team. She went on to run cross-country and track in college and was All- American, and captain. She loves working with the fitness athlete, the collegiate athlete, and the active adult population because she understands personally what it feels like to be both on the injury and recovery side. Abby understands life happens and the body gets tired of our daily poor movement habits, however her intention is to prevent injuries from interfering with your health and fitness goals. Her mission is to empower her patients to be their very best self and move freely without pain or restraints. The outcome is accelerated healing by providing the highest level of skilled services for each patient’s needs. Combining a patient’s dedication, higher level sport-specific conditioning, and movement re-training, the result will be the best you. Some of Abby’s advanced training includes: Rock tape and Certified Rock Blades Technique Specialist, Blood Flow Restriction Certified, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Myofascial Decompression, Myofascial Release, Pose Certified Running Technique Specialist, amongst other advanced education.