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Virtual Training

It Starts With Technique

The philosophy at Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy has always been to allow athletes to enjoy their sport, without pain or fear of injury. Runners especially have been able to find that by understanding the technique of running, with a focus on body mechanics, they are able to eliminate the pain they have become accustomed to feeling during and after runs.

We have recognized that geography is currently limiting the number of people who can benefit from our running technique training program (turns out, not all runners live in the suburbs of Chicago!). So after repeated requests, we have designed a simple and economical approach to help improve your running technique—no matter where you live!

Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy is now offering Virtual Technique Training!


What to Expect

Working with a software that is free of cost and during times that are convenient for your schedule, you will be communicating directly with your technique coach through:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Text Messaging
  • Email

The goal of decreasing injuries and improving your performance will remain the keystone of this program as it is with any program at Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy. The process is simple:

  • Step 1) Contact us to schedule your first video conference.
  • Step 2) Download either Google Hangouts or Skype to be used during our video conferencing.
  • Step 3) Download the free video analysis software.
  • Step 4) Follow email instructions to film yourself.

Over the course of 2-4 video conferencing sessions, your technique coach will walk you through the results of your video analysis, highlight what deficits in your technique are putting you at risk of injury, and describe how a customized set of assigned drills will help you run faster, run farther, and decrease your risk of injuries. The free software you will use each time you film yourself running will allow you to access a copy of your video that includes voice-over explanation of the results of your analysis to allow you to go back any time to review the corrections you should be working to make. Additional video conferencing sessions allow you to review your progress, discuss and modify the drills you have been practicing, and address any additional concerns that have arisen during your training.

In between video conferencing sessions, you can communicate with your technique coach via email or text message to make sure all your questions are answered. Video demonstrations and written instructions on all assigned technique drills will be provided as part of your program, as well as other resources to help maximize your education and understanding of proper form.

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