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Take Control. Prevent Injuries. Eliminate Pain.

Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy is committed to providing individualized care, whether for recovery, performance, or injury prevention. Our model of concierge, high-quality service puts an emphasis on education, proper form, and empowerment. Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy is where technique matters.

We firmly believe that the therapist and the patient should decide the plan of care – not the insurance company. You shouldn’t have to go back to your activities without feeling ready. Nor should you have to wait for pain in order to seek knowledge on how to prevent it.

At Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy, we give you back your control and provide you the care you deserve with treatment plans customized around YOU.


Physical Therapy +
Continued Care

Concierge treatment is designed to help patients return to their lives at a faster rate, due to the quality of the time at each therapy session. Each one-on-one session is focused around the patient’s needs and goals—to recover from an injury, improve movement to optimize function, or ease pain. Our continued care services include injury prevention training, return-to-sport and return-to-function testing, healthy tissue maintenance services, and annual musculoskeletal exams.

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Running Academy

Athletes deserve to be able to perform without injury. Good technique is a critical skill to avoid bad form—the cause of most injuries. The majority of athletes utilize running mechanics in their sport in some way, yet the skills of running are not taught. Whether your goal is to run father, run farther, or run without injury, it is imperative that you learn how to move your bodies efficiently.

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