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Meet Denise Smith of Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy in Crystal Lake

Denise, Please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? As a sports medicine physical therapist for the past 13 years, I have seen changes in our industry due to insurance regulations and corporate buy-outs. Working in a large corporate PT setting had its advantages-continuing education,management opportunities and program development and I loved every part of being a part of a team...

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Crystal Lake Aquathon - Presented by Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy

The city will host its first aquathon, the only one scheduled anywhere in Illinois, later this summer. What’s an aquathon, you ask? Think of a triathlon without the bicycle – it’s a mixture of swimming and running. The inaugural event will be Aug. 6 at Three Oaks Recreation Area, race director Denise Smith said...

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Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy Brings Concierge Health Services to Crystal Lake

By the end of her 15-year tenure as a physical therapist for larger corporations, Denise Smith was servicing 18 patients each day, as she saw her former employers shift focus to quantity over quality. The work demands that increased patient volume, the Crystal Lake resident said, drove her decision to create Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy, a new business in the city with a personalized approach to aid area patients and athletes that stands in contrast to Smith’s experience in the corporate world...

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Denise Smith Honored for Entrepreneurial Excellence in Innovation

The annual awards recognize outstanding suburban entrepreneurship and honorees who have demonstrated excellence in areas such as willingness to take risk, drive, perseverance, and business creativity. Nominations are made by members of the community and the honorees are selected by the Daily Herald Business Ledger editorial staff...

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Denise Smith Talks Injury Prevention For Baby Boomers

When Baby Boomers get injured they’re forced to the sidelines and must stop doing the activities they love to do. Denise Smith joins Phil Faris, Best Selling Author and host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio, to discuss how injury prevention helps baby boomers move better, longer, and pain free...

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How to Prevent (and Recover from) Patellar Tendonitis

Given the high-impact nature of running, it’s no secret that knee injuries are prevalent in the community. Along with runner’s knee and IT band syndrome, patellar tendonitis is one of the most common knee issues seen in the sport. The affliction is commonly referred to as “jumper’s knee” because it’s often seen in jumping sports such as volleyball and basketball, but runners are highly susceptible to the injury under the right (or wrong) conditions. These expert tips can help treat, and ultimately avoid, the pain associated with patellar tendonitis...

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Master Your Running Technique

If you’ve ever watched a professional runner at work, their stride seems simple, light and effortless. But what makes these runners so skilled isn’t just natural ability; they have perfected their running technique to become models of human efficiency. So what exactly constitutes good running form? We spoke with Denise Smith, running technique specialist and owner of Smith Physical Therapy & Running Academy in Crystal Lake, Ill., to learn more about the must-dos to move toward that elusive perfect running form...

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Does Running Shoe Type Really Matter

Runners have strong opinions about nearly everything related to running, and one of the most hotly debated topics is shoes. Minimalist or maximalist? Neutral, stability or motion control? Elevated heel or zero-drop? The choices seem endless—and confusing. But does the type of shoe really matter that much? To find out, we spoke with physical therapists and running shoe specialists for their take...

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